Street naming and numbering policy

We, Scarborough Borough Council, have a legal responsibility to ensure that streets are named and properties numbered. We are the only organisation with the authority to name and number new streets and properties within the borough.

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We therefore have the power to approve or reject property and street addresses that are submitted by developers or other parties.

The address of a property is very important. Appropriate naming of streets, and naming and numbering of buildings is essential for:

  • visitors to find where they want to go
  • delivery of post by the Royal Mail and courier services
  • fast responses to emergencies by ambulance, police, and fire services
  • record keeping e.g. index to the National Land and Property Gazetteer, legal transactions, taxation and planning permissions.

It is also important that property names and numbers are appropriate and are clearly displayed so that the public and service providers can quickly and easily locate a property and its entrance.

We are consulting on a street naming and numbering policy which sets out naming and numbering conventions to ensure that all properties have addresses which are unique and unambiguous.  The policy also aims to ensure that approach to the naming of roads and streets is consistent.

The policy sets out the correct process and rules for the following:

  • Naming of new streets and numbering properties on those streets
  • Renaming an existing street or renumbering all existing properties on an existing street
  • Registering a new property/properties on an existing street
  • Allocation of numbers to properties with names only
  • Allocation of house names or changing house names to properties with or without a postal number

Consultation details

When is the consultation taking place?
Start: 13 April 2018   End: 18 May 2018
Which audience or groups are being consulted?
  • Residents panel
  • General public
  • Stakeholders
  • Parish councils
How are we consulting?
  • Email invites to web surveys
  • Web survey
Area covered by the consultation?
  • Whole borough



Mel White
Planning Services, Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough YO11 2HG
01723 232323

How will the results be used?

The results will be reported to Cabinet and used to assess whether there is broad agreement for the policy or whether it is appropriate for amendments to be made.
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