Scarborough town centre consultation event reminder

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Scarborough Borough Council would like to remind local businesses and residents about two workshop style events being held within the next week at which they will be able to give their views on what Scarborough town centre should offer in the future and how it can continue to improve as a destination for leisure, retail and other goods and services.

The first event, which will be a private event for local businesses and service providers, will be held tomorrow (Wednesday 28 November) starting at 6.00pm until 8.00pm. An open, public event will then take place on Tuesday 4 December, between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. Both events will be held at the Royal Hotel on St Nicholas Street.

Those attending the workshops will get to hear about the bold ambitions of the council’s outline Town Centre Strategy and give feedback on how they would like to see the town centre develop and adapt in the coming years.

Feedback obtained at the events will help inform the final version of the strategy, which is expected to be adopted in February 2019.

The strategy aims to continually improve people’s experience of Scarborough through a range of initiatives such as investment in the public realm, broadening the offer of what is available and encouraging people to think about the town centre differently and not just as a place to go shopping.

The focus of the activity will be making the town a mixed use environment; encouraging a diverse offering through festivals and events, incentives, planning, licensing and regulation and building on the town’s cultural and heritage assets. It will also look to capitalise on the town’s growing university student population, introduce SMART town centre infrastructure, encourage a collaborative and supportive town centre community and maximise the Scarborough ‘brand’ through enhanced marketing and promotion.

Graphic to promote public event on 4 December