BID ballot - verification and vote checking

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

An open verification and vote checking process will take place at 10.00am on Friday 30 November at the Town Hall in Scarborough to determine the result of the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District (BID) ballot.

The count will be carried out by Scarborough Borough Council’s experienced Elections team, which is acting as ballot holder, independent of the business led team proposing the BID.

The result of the count will determine whether or not the BID will be introduced. For the BID to be implemented more than 50% of businesses that vote must vote in favour of the BID and the businesses that vote yes must represent a greater total rateable value than those that vote no.

All votes received during the ballot period have been verified, scanned and recorded for their vote by the Elections administrators as they have been received. Doubtful papers have been separated ready for adjudication after the close of the ballot by the Returning Officer. The opened ballot papers have been placed in a sealed ballot box, which is being stored securely. The ballot closes on Thursday 29 November.

On Friday 30 November, the ballot box will be opened for the final verification and checking of votes cast. The process will be open for observers to watch, with the permission of the Returning Officer. The Returning Officer and the Elections team will demonstrate that the count of yes and no votes by date matches what has been recorded in the database. Observers will be able to see the votes cast, but not full ballot papers, as that would reveal the voters’ identities and breach the secrecy provision of the ballot.

Anyone wanting to observe the process must ask to be added to the attendee list by 5pm, Thursday 29 November by emailing or calling 01723 232328. Observers should arrive at the Town Hall (St Nicholas Street, Scarborough) no earlier than 9.45am ready for the 10.00am start.

After the verification and vote checking process, the Returning Officer will declare the result of the ballot and make the result publicly available.