Attendance at Futurist Full Council meeting

Monday, 9 January 2017

Scarborough Borough Council would like to advise members of the public planning to attend the Full Council meeting, at the Town Hall on Monday 9 January at 2pm, of the arrangements for viewing the meeting in person.

All visitors attending the Town Hall with an interest in the meeting will be asked to sign in at a temporary registration desk, specifically set up in the civic corridor for the purpose of the meeting. This is to ensure that the main reception is kept as clear as possible for other visitors unconnected to the meeting.

The public gallery overlooking the council chamber, where the meeting will take place, will be open as normal and will accomodate 65 people. In a separate 'overflow' room, along the corridor from the council chamber, the meeting will be relayed on a large screen via our webcasting service; this room will accomodate 38 people. We advise anyone with mobility issues to make their way to the overflow room because access to the public gallery involves a flight of stairs.

Due to space limitations, we will be unable to accomodate more than 103 people to watch the meeting in person. However, our webcasting service, available to anyone with internet access and a device to watch from, can be accessed at