Affordable Housing SPD

The SPD has been updated and a draft has been published for consultation. To view the document, please visit our page on Consultation.

The current Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was formally adopted by the Borough Council on 2 March 2018. The SPD provides guidance for developers on the affordable housing requirements for all new residential developments.

As a quick guide, the following table sets out the percentage of affordable units required within different sized schemes within the different Sub-Housing Market Areas within the Borough.


Affordable Threshold (no of dwellings)

Housing Market Areas


Filey, Hunmanby and Southern Parishes

Whitby, Northern and Western Parishes





10 or less

No Contribution*

* Note: if your proposal exceeds 1000sq m you should contact the Local Planning Authority to discuss your case as an affordable provision will be required even if less than 11 units.

If you have any questions please contact the Forward Planning section on 01723 232480 or email